Department of Transportation launches the “next phase” of major reconstruction of Great Basin Boulevard and East Aultman Street in Ely, NV, the agency is placing a particular focus on floodplain improvements.

[Above graphic by Nevada DOT.]

First, to enhance drainage in preparation for the roadway improvements, Nevada DOT crews constructed nearly 2,300 feet of concrete drainage pipe and open drainage channel in 2020 in order to convey stormwater from near the Orson Avenue and North Street intersection to Murry Creek. The agency added in a statement that those drainage improvements will continue as part of the project in 2021 and, when coupled with Great Basin Boulevard drainage improvements slated for 2021 as well, the work is the first step toward reducing floodplain limits and associated flooding concerns.

The overall project – overseen by the Nevada DOT in partnership with the City of Ely – is to reconstruct deteriorated local roadways while also upgrading the city’s water and sewer facilities. Planned upgrades alongside the floodplain improvements include a “complete streets” concept to reconstruct sections of Aultman Street and Great Basin Boulevard and reconfigure lanes to provide a safer route for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.