The Adventure Cycling Association is hosting a webinar in November entitled “Successful U.S. Bicycle Route System Designation for Transportation Professionals” for state department of transportation executives and managers.

[Above photo by NYSDOT]

In this one-hour webinar, the group plans to dive into efforts to expand the U.S. Bicycle Route System or USBRS into a national network for long-distance bicycle travel. State DOTs create specific bicycle routes, with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials providing oversight and Adventure Cycling providing technical support for that process.

[Editor’s note: In February 2021, AASHTO and Adventure Cycling signed a memorandum of understanding or MOU to formalize their 16-year partnership, which seeks to create a 50,000-mile national bicycle network.]

Webinar presenters include:

  • Jenn Hamelman, Adventure Cycling’s USBRS program manager.
  • Matt Hardy, AASHTO program director for planning and performance management.
  • Kyla Elzinga, AASHTO associate program director for planning and performance management.
  • Meg Fennell, transportation analyst with the New York State Department of Transportation state bicycle and pedestrian unit.
  • Karen Lorf, NYSDOT state bicycle, and pedestrian coordinator.
  • Jerry Scott, multimodal data system coordinator for the Transportation Data & Analytics Office at the Florida Department of Transportation. 
  • Tiffany Gehrke, Florida DOT Roadway Design Office’s Complete Streets coordinator.

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Adventure Cycling said it would not record the November webinar, which is limited to 40 participants. By contrast, in December, Adventure Cycling plans to hold a second webinar on the USBRS for a wider audience – mainly for any person or group considered a stakeholder in the USBRS designation process – with unlimited audience size.