The Kansas Department of Transportation is seeking public feedback in the state’s first Active Transportation Plan or ATP in 25 years. Funding for active transportation – which refers to “human-powered” modes of transportation such as walking or cycling – is included within the state’s 10-year Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program, or IKE, signed into law in early April.

[Photo courtesy of the Kansas Department of Transportation.]

The Kansas DOT said it is seeking public input through January 31, 2021, on its ATP via an online survey. Meanwhile, it said the planning process for the ATP will continue through 2021 and will involve national and local experts in planning, design, and safety. The final plan will also serve as a “key tool” for agency staff and local officials on how to include active transportation infrastructure when planning roads, bridges, and various improvement projects.

“We know that over the last several months, many people have discovered walking, cycling, rolling and other forms of active transportation are fun and healthy ways to get around,” noted Julie Lorenz, Kansas DOT secretary, in a statement.

“For others, active transportation has long provided an essential need, an affordable way to get to work, school, transit, the store and other destinations,” she added. “We are committed to providing transportation options that help people travel safely and conveniently – and to do that well, we need to hear from Kansans.”

“Providing access to safe, direct, continuous and pleasant routes whether driving, walking or cycling is essential for a healthy multi-modal transportation system,” added Matt Messina, Kansas DOT’s comprehensive planning unit manager. “Our intent is for Kansas residents to have a direct voice in development of the ATP.”