The Oregon Department of Transportation is seeking applications for its new Innovative Mobility Micro-Grants. The $5,000 grants are the first project to come forward from the $20 million Innovative Mobility Program, a new initiative created by the agency in March at the direction of the Oregon Transportation Commission.

[Above photo by the Oregon DOT]

The Oregon DOT said its Innovative Mobility Program aims to make it easier for state residents to walk, bike, share rides, and take transit. The program has a special focus on equity and helping historically excluded groups get to where they need to go more quickly, cheaply, and safely.

“There’s a major transportation evolution happening across the country, and we have a chance to make sure that communities of color and other marginalized individuals who have been excluded in the past have place, purpose, and priority in Oregon’s future transportation investments,” said Alando Simpson, vice chair of the Oregon Transportation Commission, in a statement.